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The source of our values

The Shaftesbury Centre’s values motivate us today to seek social justice, serve others and transform communities through putting our Christian faith into action. We are an inclusive Christian organisation, which values diversity and welcomes people of all faiths and none.

Practical Christianity

It is Jesus’ desire to be a part of everyone’s life. Through His example, we see that those on the margins are loved and fully accepted by God. The life of Jesus motivates us to serve others, pursue justice and demonstrate His love, freely given to all.

Enabling individuals

Society often discriminates against people due to disability or social circumstances. Shaftesbury values the unique worth of all individuals and works to give people dignity, opportunities and choices to fulfil their God given potential.

Partnering with communities

We were not created to live alone, but in community. We will work to develop strong local communities characterised by respect, generosity and care for all. This approach guides all areas of our operational work.

Delivering quality services

We aim to deliver services of the highest quality. We work closely with a range of regulatory and advisory bodies to ensure that we promote and retain this excellent service.  Shaftesbury has a commitment to a high level of professionalism. Our staff are dedicated to those who use our services ensuring that we maximise our impact as a charity.


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