Anthony Ashley Cooper, 7th Earl of Shaftesbury (1801–1885)

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Nicholas Edmund Anthony Ashley-Cooper, the current Earl of Shaftesbury and Patron to the Shaftesbury Centre

The Shaftesbury Centre is named after the English Politician and Social Reformer.

Shaftesbury’s long career began when he entered politics at the age of 21 and devoted his life to the relief of the destitute in Victorian England.  He was regarded as one of the key figures of his period, relieving much of the distress current during the industrial revolution, when the poor lived in unspeakable conditions throughout England and even small children were forced to work long hours for a mere pittance, clothed in rags, with very little to eat.

Shaftesbury revolted against these appalling conditions and, until his death, was a ‘champion of the poor’ and initiated every possible reform in the treatment of the mentally ill and the physically impaired.

The 7th Earl showed a preference for neglected causes instead of high political honours and a compassion for the unfortunate understrata of society for whom he laboured.

Where the cause was for the uplift of the neglected and the hopeless, the voice of Shaftesbury – the devout conservative aristocrat – would be raised in compassion.


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